Friday, June 8, 2012

3 Fun Things to Do With Your Kids

Our week is usually filled with activities, running errands, and other weekly chores.  By Friday, sometimes we have run out of ideas for things to do.  Here are 3 fun things to do today to stay busy:

  1. "Paint" your house - Grab paintbrushes and buckets of water and let your kids have fun "painting" the outside of your house with water!  Sneak in some learning and have them draw letters, numbers, and pictures!  
  2. Visit the Library - Stay cool indoors while letting your kids explore new books!  Sign up for the summer reading program at your local library to keep your children motivated to read all summer long!  If you have already signed up, go get some new books to read over the weekend!
  3. Play dress-up - Get out old Halloween costumes and other fun outfits and let your kids have fun changing clothes and playing dress-up.  You can even have them act out their favorite books or movies that relate to the outfits you have picked out!

What fun things will you be doing today? 

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