Friday, June 22, 2012

Our 3 Friday Fun Activites for Today!!

Well it's Friday which means we will do anything to keep the kiddos busy in order to make it to the weekend faster!  All of our fun activities today are frugal activities (completely free!)  And honestly, who wouldn't turn down a little extra help with household chores!  I don't know about you, but laundry is a never ending battle at our house!  Here is what we will be doing today:

1.  Fun with Laundry {Seriously!} - So a few days ago, I had a mound of laundry sitting in my laundry room just waiting to be folded, and a very energetic (almost) 3-year-old looking for something to do.  So we dumped a pile of towels in her room and started folding!  My daughter had the best time helping me fold the towels, and then jumping onto the pile of towels after they were stacked!  So we would have to re-fold and stack again.  This kept her entertained for a good 30 minutes and by the end, she knew how to fold a towel all by herself!!  So... we will be doing more laundry today :)

2.  Homemade popsicles and yogurt pops - We will be making more of these to get us through the weekend!  They go pretty fast at our house!  We may experiment with some new flavors... I will post next week.  Clean out your fridge and use up any fruit/veggies or yogurt that is about to expire!

3.  Filling a bucket with water - I know you are probably reading this and thinking that this sounds incredibly boring, but this kept my {VERY active} child entertained for 45 minutes!!  We have a large tub that we found to keep all of our outdoor toys in that she emptied out, climbed inside, and we turned the hose on to trickle out and she held it in to slowly fill the bucket.  She loved it!  Anything involving water is usually a big hit!  This will be one of our fun activities today!

What activities will you be doing today to keep busy? 

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