Friday, June 29, 2012

Our 3 Fun Friday Activities for Today!

Well, it's finally Friday!!  Time to keep the kids busy busy busy!  Our Fun Friday theme this week is, of course, 4th of July!  This is such a great holiday to do activities for because so many things can be made to look like flags, stars, stripes, and using the colors red, white, and blue!  Here are 3 things we will be making today...

1.  Patriotic Popsicles - Yes, we just made these, but I think we will be making a bigger batch today... 6 just doesn't go very far in our house.  If you have small disposable cups, try experimenting with those in order to make a larger batch, and use straws, popsicle sticks, toothpicks, etc. to hold them.  Also, feel free to use other fruits such as strawberries and cherries for the red, and blackberries for the blue.  You could even use a combination of several different fruits!

2.  Flag Snacks - Like most of our projects, we are using stuff we already have in our fridge/pantry for this one.  So if you would like to "experiment" with us, just take 1 graham cracker longways and spread with plain or vanilla yogurt.  Use blueberries to dot the upper left hand corner where the stars on the flag would be (you are making the background).  Place raspberries side-by-side to make the stripes part of the flag.  Eat and enjoy!  These really were yummy!  My kids want more.  Momma wants more.  'Nuff said.

3.  Star Jigglers - We found a cute ice tray where the ice cube holders are shaped like stars.  Target had them on their $1 aisle!  There is a lonely box of cherry jello sitting in our pantry just waiting to be made into star jigglers!  This should be a big hit!  If you don't have jello, use water, fruit, yogurt, or anything else you may have on hand!  I will post the results of our Star Jigglers!  Would love to see yours too!

What will you be doing on Fun Friday?  Does anyone have any kid-friendly 4th of July recipes that are simple for kids to do?

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