Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Fun Friday Activities for Today! {7/20}

After a long and (very) hot week, we are keeping our Fun Friday activities simple today!  Hope you can join in on the fun with us!  Here is what we will be doing today:

1. Swimming, swimming, and more swimming - We are going to hit the pool today!  If you are bored of the same swimming routine, grab some measuring cups, funnels, plastic toy kitchen pots and pans, or anything random that may be laying around your house.  Take them to the pool and your children will love playing "restaurant" and pretending to "cook stuff" using pool water!

2.  Snack Time Letter Practice - We are going to get creative with our snack time today!  Draw a letter on a piece of paper and have your child use small foods (such as raisins, nuts, blueberries, popcorn, cut up fruit, corn, cereal, etc.) to form that letter.  My daughter loves this activity, and she also loves that she gets to "eat" the letters!  If your child is older, you could do whole words instead of single letters!

3.  Bubbles Outside - We still have tons of bubbles leftover from a trip to the Dollar store, and this is always a fun activity that burns quite a bit of energy.  If you want to sneak in some learning, have your child count the number of bubbles they pop!

What are you all doing today??  Do you have an idea that you would like to be featured on fun Friday? 

Looking for more activities to do today? Check out more ideas here!

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